Fade to Black is a 1995 action-adventure game developed Delphine Software International and published by Electronic Arts. The game is the sequel to Flashback, another game from 1992 that was listed in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling French game of all time. Paul Cuisset, the lead designer of Delphine Software International, is also known to have worked on Shaq Fu and the Moto Racer series. Fade to Black was originally released for MS-DOS and the PlayStation.

A few years ago, Grégory Montoir rewrote the DOS game's engine to make it run through OpenGL, the project was named f2bgl. The newly made engine allows for the game to be ported on multiple platforms accepting OpenGL, including the PSVita all thanks to vitaGL.

vitaGL is an OpenGL wrapper for the Vita created by none other than Rinnegatamante, whom we mentioned on the site before for his port of the original Quake game on the PSVita. Ever since vitaGL's release, developers from all around the scene have been getting busy porting games that were previously not even considered doable due to GPU hardware acceleration not rendering properly at a playable speed.

Developer usineur, a known veteran in porting open-source games on the PSVita—such as his port of Prince of Persia on the console—successfully managed to port Fade to Black on the console by using both f2bgl and vitaGL.

However, a few issues are to be noted before downloading the port:

  • Don't expect any music or sound, as they are disabled
  • Don't expect to be able to pause the game at any time, the PS button will just crash it
  • The port is based on version 0.2.3 of f2bgl and not the latest version 0.2.6, so all the bugs fixed starting with the 0.2.4 release are still there

You can install the game on your PSVita from the link below.

via Wololo