Following the recent events regarding Facebook and the controversy around Cambridge Analytica, Facebook began rolling out a new notification for their users to protect their information. Supposedly, Facebook has 2.2 Billion active users, and that's why the roll out might be slow. If you haven't received the notification yet, you're not alone, but there is another option.

If you're like me and you haven't had the chance to get the notification on your news feed yet, there's an easier way to check if your information has been leaked to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook created a tool that will let you know if you or any of your Facebook friends have logged into the "This Is Your Digital Life" third-party app, which is the app that shared the personal data of some Facebook users with Cambridge Analytica.

Note that even if you haven't logged into the app yourself, as long as one of your Facebook friends has, your information may have been compromised. That's around 87 million users who may be at risk, or essentially ~4% of all active Facebook users.

You can check if your data is at risk by clicking this link.

If your information has been compromised, the page will tell you that you or one of your friends has logged in the "This Is Your Digital Life" app, and if so, which information has been leaked to Cambridge Analytica. Information usually includes everything on your public profile, the pages you've liked, your birthday and current location.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica controversy, we've seen an increase in people deleting their Facebook accounts. Can tech companies be trusted with your data? This definitely sets a dangerous precedent for the foreseeable future of social media companies.

via Motherboard