In order to create a jailbreak, one needs exploits in order to break the security of the system. These exploits are not only very hard to find but also very valuable, which leads many developers and security researchers to selling those exploits instead of releasing them publicly.

This is not the case with researchers from Google's Project Zero. Ian Beer is famous for exploits used in the iOS 10 "Yalu" jailbreak which was maybe underwhelming compared to its predecessors, but it was surely better than nothing.

As Beer has already proved his credibility, there was never any reason to doubt him, to begin with, however, if you didn't believe his claims, you're in for a surprise as the exploits for iOS 11.1.2 have been publicly released.

What this means to the average Joe is that a developer will most likely pick up on these exploits, do any required work around them, and release a fully working jailbreak like we've seen happen with Yalu and Luca Todesco.

One thing that's very important to note is that this is not a fully working jailbreak as Beer never intended to release a jailbreak per se. Beer's role at Google is to find holes in Apple's software and release the exploits to the public to ensure that Apple patches them and keeps their devices safe. It's a noble project aiming at a more secure cyber-future.

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via Reddit