While you should never run a Beta version of iOS, especially not Beta 1, as your daily driver, you may still want to fix issues you have with it. If your device happens to be rebooting randomly, it may hurt the battery life of the device by miles. The fix is simple and straightforward. You need to create a quiet MP3 file which runs in the background on repeat.

Here is what you'll need:

  • iTunes
  • Audacity
  • macOS-powered or Windows-powered PC
  • An unstable iOS 11 device
  • Patience

This may sound ridiculous but it's actually working based on our tests. The battery life may be decreased, but not as much as having your device rebooting over and over again. First off, download Audacity, as you'll need it in order to create a quiet MP3 file. After downloading it, make sure you have iTunes installed. iTunes is pre-installed on all macOS systems and can easily be downloaded for Windows from here.

After downloading the tools, go into Audacity and turn down the "Recording Volume" to the lowest possible setting, as shown in the picture. This will prevent the microphone from picking up any sound and therefore not play it back wasting more battery. After configuring the microphone, press the red "Record" button and wait ten seconds then press stop. After that is done, go to File > Export Audio then just make sure to select MP3 as the format.

After you have the ready MP3 file, go into iTunes and drag-n-drop the file into the window. Connect your iDevice to your PC and sync it with the software. After doing so, you should have the quiet MP3 file in your library in Apple Music.

When you're not listening to music, just make sure that this file plays in the background, on repeat, with the volume turned down completely. This won't break any other functionality like notification sounds so you shouldn't worry about that. The biggest drawback of this weird solution is that you will always see a "now playing" screen on your lock screen and that you need to remember to play the file again after entering some audio-intensive apps like YouTube or a game.

This is only a temporary solution until Apple optimises iOS 11 and fixes all of these stability issues.

Disclaimer: This is a beta and as such there will be issues. This software is not suited for a daily driver device and you are installing it at your own risk.

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