Unlike other jailbreaks of late, #EtasonJB is a fully untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.4.1, allowing for you to jailbreak once, and it persists across device reboots. This is different compared to other jailbreaks such as home_depot, which is semi-tethered, which means if your device discharges, or reboots, you may have to launch the app multiple times for the jailbreak to succeed. This update bumps the version to RC3 and also fixes a previous UI bug found in prior versions of the jailbreak.

The official changelog for RC3 and RC2 generally includes:

  • RC3:
  • correct fix for UI Bug
  • adds support for iPhone5 and iPad4
  • RC2:
  • fixes patcyh stuff (thanks to @JonathanSeals)

This is surely not a groundbreaking changelog and this update doesn't bring any amazing new features, however, it's still nice to see that the jailbreak tool keeps getting updates unlike a different, more modern jailbreaking tool made by a different person.

If you want to jailbreak your device using #etasonJB, you can do so by downloading the .IPA file from tihmstar's website, and then sideloading it with Cydia Impactor.

Once the app is installed on your device, simply tap the big #EtasonJB button in the centre, wait for the device to reboot, and then you should be jailbroken!

Did you test this on your iPhone 5 or iPad 4? Did it work? Let us know how it works down in the comments section below.