The Essential Phone will be updated from this week with a trio of refulgent new colours.

Users will be able to buy an Essential phone in Copper Black, Stellar Gray and Ocean Depths for $599 from the essential store. Ocean Depths is already available, with the latter two going on sale February 20 and February 22nd respectively.

"Our team of designers and engineers spent months developing custom ceramic colours, a feat that is much more complex and challenging than altering colours on standard materials such as plastic," explained Essential's Linda Jiang on the firm's blog post "Even with this additional work and investment, coloured ceramic is extremely difficult to produce consistently so we've only made a small batch of each of these new colours."

Essential has not had the best luck with its Essential phone. It sold less than 100 thousand units, with just 88,000 units worldwide. When reviewing, many reviewers panned it as a beta product, and it launched with limited availability in North America, supported only by Sprint and Telus in carrier stores. The firm had only sold 5,000 units by September of 2017, but a price cut to $499 seemed to increase interest in the product. The relentless updates to fix driver and camera issues probably didn't hurt adoption either.

Perhaps these new colours may drive interest in the Essential Phone while Andy Rubin's firm figures out what it wants to do next. More likely, only a new product at a sensible price from Essential can do that.

Via Essential