Ever wanted to change the hotword for Google Assistant like you can on Motorola phones, and wondered why you can't do the same on Google's own devices? Or do you want to set up custom voice triggers for smart home devices via your phone? Either way, this new Hotword plugin for Tasker has got you covered.

The plugin comes courtsey of XDA Senior Developer Humpie, and what's notable about this plugin is its use of the Snowboy Hotword API to train voice models and implement them. So if you wish to add a hotword, you go to the Snowboy website, train and download the models of your choosing. Then, you can import them directly into the plugin, which will then listen to audio from the mic and process it completely locally.

It is worth noting that when the listening service is running, the mic will be blocked from access for any other apps. This ensures the best performance and speed; however, if you want to use the mic in another app, you can simply disable and enable it from the notification. The app supports notification channels in Android Oreo.

You can also control the state of the listening mode from within a task if you like, as to automatically enable or disable the listening in certain apps or quickly stop or start it using app shortcurts on your homescreen. The plugin normally goes for $1.99, but you can grab a 7-day free trial here.

What do you guys think? Will you grab this plugin? How will you use it to make it tie into your daily life and Tasker integrations? Let us know in the comments, or be sure to post over in the forums with your thoughts.