Zer0xFF is a scene developer who recently shared a blog post where he explains in details how he managed to reverse engineer a bunch of Sony libraries to work on an OpenGL ES implementation for the Playstation 4. The project is still a work-in-progress, but after explaining his process with what works and what doesn't, he has decided to make his work open source for other developers to pick it up. Hopefully, someone will be able to finish what he's started.

"I don't know how much more work is needed to get it to work, however as it stands though, Context creation and shaders are the only visible issues."

Other open source PS4 SDKs exist, but in a low amount, and with no support for graphics nor controller support. These SDKs are often just used to create binary payloads. However, several official Sony SDKs have been leaked and used to create homebrews, although if you really want to use them, you'll have to beware of the copyright infringement issue it would involve.

Zer0xFF's blog post explains that OpenGL is accessible, and making calls to it is entirely possible. He then ran through a few issues as documented in the original blog post, like creating context, which is still an unsolved issue as of right now.

If you want to fool around the SDK, Zer0xFF's fork with his work-in-progress can be downloaded through github. He stated that it should—in theory—work with firmware 4.05, albeit the readme states it's for 1.76 only.

via Mad Nation