The latest PS3 firmware may see an exploit released in the coming weeks. Developer Esc0rtd3w stated on psxhax that he and other developers have been hard at work to crack PS3 firmware version 4.81, which remains unhacked a year after its release.

This is perhaps the last official PS3 firmware, making a successful exploit even more valuable for modders. Esc0rtd3w stated having a hacked version of firmware 4.81 by Christmas is a realistic expectation, but not a guarantee.

"Since it has been asked in many forms quite a bit, here is a slightly updated path:

  1. All console models should be supported for some things, such as Flash Dump, IDPS Extraction, using root lv2 syscalls…and a few others.

  2. We have ran into a few issues concerning 300x and 4xxx consoles as far as writing to flash with lv0.2. These models will most likely require another exploit to take full advantage of CFW features like older consoles, and may not have full support upon release. These models may need the community to build upon our current work….this is not fully worked out yet and may be resolved.

No promise on release date, but x-mas is a good goal for now."

According to Esc0rtd3w, the point of entry for the hack is a webkit exploit that was originally the topic of conversation on psx-place, but has since been patched. The first page of the discussion is still available via Google cache, but most of that information has been known since the topic was posted this past May.

It appears the webkit exploit is the real deal, but seeing a complete hack for the PS3 is still tentative. Stay tuned with us as we'll be sure to let you know when it drops.

Are you waiting for a cracked version of firmare 4.81 to run on your PS3? Let us know in the comment section below.

Via Wololo