As is often the case with devices launched by new manufacturers (new manufacturers using an iconic name, in this case), there is not a wealth of accessories currently available for HMD's new lineup of Nokia's Android smartphones. While we patiently await the release of the Nokia 9 flagship smartphone, many users are still waiting for a single case to become available so they don't risk turning their beautiful new phone into a piece of scrap metal and glass. Fortunately, as is often the case with gaps in the market, an enthusiast has filled it. The schematics and files for a 3D-printable case for the Nokia 8 are now available!

Developer HD2Owner of the XDA Developer Forums released these files earlier this week, after making a case for himself and polishing, refining and optimising the schematics to create a safe, reliable and consumer-ready case for the Nokia 8.

The case seems designed in a classic bumper-shell-esque design that is best suited to acrylics, although your choice obviously depends on what type of plastic you have available to 3D print with. A terrific benefit to sharing the necessary files to print such a case is that individual users can customise it to their needs, enabling for the case to be much more versatile than typical case manufacturer offerings. Grab the STL files here!

What do you guys think? Do you own a Nokia 8? Will you download these files and experiment with them? Are you excited about the prospect of bespoke phone cases taking off as 3D printing rises? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

via XDA