Modern smartphones have been moving toward gesture-based navigation systems ever since our phones began to ditch more and more of their bezels. Xiaomi and OnePlus adopted gesture-based systems, and now it seems like Google will be adopting the same style of navigation as well in Android P. Earlier this month, the firm accidentally hinted that it would be overhauling Android's navigation system to be more based on gestures rather than buttons when it released a screenshot of Android with a missing recent button. Now, a new reveal by 9 to 5 Google has given us a more in-depth look at the new user interface.

The missing recent button was not a fluke, after all, Google will indeed be getting rid of the button which has been prominent in Android since its inception and replacing it with a swipe gesture on the new home button, which has been replaced with a pill icon. The multitasking carousel has also been replaced by a new vertical carousel which looks quite like what Apple offers at the moment. 0to5Google notes that this is all early software, and as such is subject to change, but coupled with rumours that Google was making its operating system more similar to the iPhone in order to order Apple's users.

The back-button itself will become contextual, and it's not exactly clear what that means yet. Perhaps It'll only appear when there are no other onscreen back-buttons, or it'll disappear in places like the Camera app, or in menus where there is no back button. Google will most likely reveal more about its new navigation system next month at i/o, as well as its new plans for Android P.

via 9 to 5 Google