Netflix might just be back on rooted devices…for some of us.

This past spring, Netflix began to block rooted and unlocked Android devices from downloading the app in the Google Play Store. This restriction affected many Android users by effectively locking them out of the application, causing a substantial amount of controversy. However, this past week, people previously unable to access the app have noticed it reappearing in the Play store despite their devices not passing the SafetyNet/Google Play device certification.

All affected Android users are not seeing the app return though. A poll created on Google+ shows varying results with some users able to access the application while others are still denied. A number of users with an unlocked bootloader or root access, reported seeing Netflix in the Play Store without using SuHide or Magisk.



In the images above, both devices fail SafetyNet. SafetyNet helps Android developers add a layer of security to their apps to protect from a number of potential security threats including rooted/modified devices, known malicious URLs, malware, and malicious traffic. The devices in the screenshot pass "Basic Integrity" verification, but fail the "CTS profile match" because of their bootloader-unlocked state. Both devices also report as uncertified in the Play Store.

Netfilx has stated they are still using the Google Play Store's SafetyNet-based exclusion, so it is unclear why certain rooted and unlocked devices have the option to download the app. Let us know what you see. If your device fails SafetyNet (bootloader unlock, root, etc.) is Netflix appearing on Google Play for you? If not, is no Netflix an issue for you?