iOS 11 Jailbreak progress is being made and many developers have been tweeting about getting Cydia running on iOS 11.1.2, some of which include cheesecakeufo, LaughingQuoll and Nullpixel.

The news started by Abraham Masri, also known as cheesecakeufo, tweeting an image of Cydia successfully running on on iPhone X, showing the iOS version 11.1.2.

Cydia still has bugs and issues which need to be patched in order to work properly, as this is only a proof-of-concept, and Cydia Substrate needs to be rewritten by Jay "Saurik" Freeman as it doesn't work at all. For the unfamiliar ones, Cydia Substrate is the code-injection software which actually makes the jailbreak tweaks "run" on your device by modifying apps at runtime.

Masri also tweeted the current state of the project:

The jailbreak tool, which uses Ian Beer's async_wake exploit, is a collaboration between many famous developers from the community like cheesecakeufo, LaughingQuoll, Xerub and Nullpixel who are known for various reasons around the community.

Once the project is finished, it will not only be the first jailbreak to support iOS 11, as it will support all versions from 11.0 to 11.1.2, but also the first jailbreak to ever support the iPhone X, which is a much bigger deal. Support for the finished tool is rumoured to support all 64bit devices, including the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 and other devices with higher security based on hardware.

What are your thoughts? Have you also played around with async_wake and tried to get Cydia running? Chime in below!