The Lock screen clock has been virtually the same on iPhones since Apple shipped the original around 10 years ago. There is a lot to be said about keeping a formula that works, but change is what jailbreaking is all about. One of the most difficult things to accomplish when creating a new set up is moving UI elements around to exactly where you want them.

Developed by NeinZedd9, TimeMover lets you drag and resize the Lock screen clock in a new and elegant way.

After purchase and installation, you simply tap and hold on the clock to initiate editing mode. You're then able to drag it around with one finger, pinch and pull with two fingers to resize, and rotate. These gestures should be familiar to most people at this point. You are able to see the changes you make as you make them. As far as we know, this is the first tweak to be able to do this for the Lock screen clock.

Make your Lock screen yours

With TimeMover, the Lock screen clock is now able to be moved around in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion. When you decide to change wallpapers, moving the clock to that perfect place is now as easy as drag and drop. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the whole operation.

In the past, other tweaks have tackled the issue by providing a preference pane to enter values in order to change the position. While this has always worked in the past and still does today, compared to drag and drop it seems a little clunky. Yet, as jailbreakers, we value diversity above all else, so more options are always welcome.

In TimeMover's preferences, you can fine-tune how many settings work

Upon entering the preferences in your, you are welcomed by a beautiful header framing the top of your screen. There are a few groupings of cells for different types of options, they are:

  • Tweak Enabled

    This enables the tweak (duh).

  • Enable Edit Mode

    Toggles edit mode on or off.

  • Enable Long Press Edit Mode

    Turns on the long press gesture for toggling edit mode.

  • Enable Fine Tune Mode

    Fine tune mode restricts you to just one gesture at a time, (move, resize, rotate).

  • Enable Auto-Align

    Allows you to make the clock perfectly level.

  • Enable Haptic Feedback

    Turns on Haptic feedback for supported devices, requires an iPhone 6s or newer.

  • Clock Alignment

    Aligns the clock to the Left, Center, or Right. Auto-align only works with the 'Center alignment.

  • Disable Date Subtitle

    Hides the date on the Lock screen.

  • Change Clock Color

    Lets you set a custom clock colour.

  • Disable Press Home Text

    Hides the 'Press Home to Unlock Text on the Lock screen.

  • Disable Page Dots

    Hides the Page Dots on the Lock screen.

  • Disable Lockscreen Scrolling

    Disables the ability to scroll on the Lock screen.

  • Enable Vibrancy

    Makes the Lock screen clock 'vibrant', the same as the developer's other tweak called Vibrancy (iOS 10).

  • Position 1, 2, & 3

    Pressing one of these while 'Save Position' is turned on will save the position to the corresponding number.

  • Save Position

    Turn this on in order to enable saving to the positions above.

  • Reset Position

    This will reset the position of the clock back to stock.

At the bottom is a link to follow NeinZedd9 on Twitter and in the top right is a heart button to bring up the share sheet.

The ease of use and feature-set make TimeMover worth the price. For less than a cup of coffee, you're able to easily customise the Lock screen clock like never before. It is available for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo. How about it, are you going to check out TimeMover? Let us know in the comments.