Want to run Windows applications on Chrome OS so you can start getting real work done? You're not alone. Thankfully for users who have been seeking a solution to this issue for a long time, help is finally at hand in the form of CrossOver, which is now available on Chrome OS in the form of an open beta.

For those of you who are unaware, CrossOver, by CodeWeavers, has been a leading solution in the Linux and Mac worlds for allowing a Windows machine's functionality on non-Windows based devices.CrossOver allows users to run Windows applications without having a fully fledged version of Windows installed, by using the Wine compatibility layer for Unix-based operating systems to deploy Windows applications atop of. And now, that functionality is finally coming to Chrome OS.

The port, which has been in development for Android devices for over a year now, will now work on ChromeOS as well, due to the Android subsystem in Chrome OS that allows for Android apps to be run on Chromebooks. And now, you can run Windows programs on any x86-based Chromebook, in what Codeweavers Founder Jeremy White is calling "the cleanest and most elegant version of CrossOver yet".

Program compatibility should be mostly on-par with the desktop CrossOver applications on macOS and Linux, but there are a few limitations imposed by Android. Games and programs that lock the mouse (like first-person shooters) don't work because the required API wasn't added to Android until Android Oreo and the developers have not yet compensated for that. Additionally, OpenGL isn't supported, because Android only works with OpenGL ES. However, this port seems an excellent launch for a first open beta, and we can see many users flocking to this application, as it makes an array of versatile workloads and tasks that were previously impossible on Chromebooks within reach of users. You can grab the app from the Play Store:

What do you guys think? Will you grab this on your Chromebook? What Windows application do you most wish was ported to Chrome OS? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

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