Android Auto is becoming compatible with more head units and various automakers by the day, however, it's typically very expensive. A new solution has been created by developer Huan Truong, and all you need is a little free-time and around $100 for the Rasberry Pi and screen (which is far cheaper than your typical Android Auto device)

Creating your own head unit with Android Auto is now possible thanks to 'Crankshaft', a free Linux distribution that just needs to be installed on a Rasberry Pi 3. The inspiration for this project began when Huan was unable to find a reasonably priced Android Auto unit to install in his 1998 car. The goal was to create a simple straightforward solution for anyone to use, and at a reasonable price point. The developer does state that the software is alpha, and therefore not reliable enough to assume everyday use. As far as functionality is concerned, there are two main pieces currently missing: microphone and Bluetooth support. Bluetooth is apparently under consideration but isn't high priority. If adopted by the Android community, the software will surely continue to thrive in the future and add support for other features.

Here's a video demonstrating how Crankshaft works on a Rasberry Pi:

If you're interested in trying out Crankshaft, you can visit the official website or follow the link provided below. What do you think? Does Crankshaft look like it's worth giving a shot to get an affordable Android Auto device in the car? Let us know in the comments below!

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via AndroidPolice