The firm planned to release a feature that would stop website redirections done m malicious ads. For the uninformed, this involved an ad forcing a redirect from its parent page into some other, unintended page advertising some kind of scam or alerting users to the existence of some fictional malware on their device for which they had the cure.

Google had intended to contain and fix the issue with Chrome 64, but the update rolled out last week and the feature was nowhere to be found.

Due to Google's Chromium bug tracker, we now know why.

Google was about to roll out its new website redirect blocker last week, but due to some last minute issues, it was held back and disabled. This was due to the info bar which informed users that Chrome had blocked a redirect to another site not being implemented yet.

It would have been moved to Chrome 65, but has been delayed once more, presumably due to the same issue.

The blocker will most likely make its debut with Chrome 66, which will be delivered in April this year.

For users who can't wait, Google's website redirector can be blocked by entering the following string into your URL bar and then tapping enable when the page loads: 'chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-user-gesture'.

This website redirect blocker is distinct from its ad blocker which will begin rolling out from next week in stages.

Suffice to say, Google has a lot of plans for managing your web-browsing this year.

Via Android Police