The Chromebook market is expanding with more options, and more big companies are getting involved. We saw Dell announce some new Chromebooks last month, designed to be virtually indestructible in the school place; and this past week we saw the possibility of Linux containers coming to Chrome OS as early as May this year. Chrome OS is getting beefed up with features that may catch interest in groups other than the educational market (features that target the interests of professionals).

We aren't well equipped with a ton of information on the Chromebook 'Nami' device, but we do know a little bit about it. The device will deliver powerful specs, with 8GB memory (which is serious, especially for a Chromebook) a backlit keyboard, and high-speed storage. No details currently exist in regards to the physical design or screen, but they will likely be revealed in the near future. According to Chromeunboxed there was a recent commit for "Nami: Enable fan feature" which provides us some insight: the Chromebook will more than likely ship with a more powerful processor than what's found in the Pixelbook as it appears to have a CPU cooler. The Pixelbook is currently rocking Intel's mobile Core i5-7Y57 and i7-7Y75, which are both fantastic — to ship something higher tier such as Kaby Lake 7th generation or Kaby Lake 8th generation would prove to be a powerful utility in an 8GB RAM equipped Chromebook.

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via Chromeunboxed