The web-based operating system, which became a bit more like traditional PCs with the introduction of Android apps via the addition of the Google Play Store, is getting deeper Android integration.

With the current Android integration, users of Chrome OS running Nougat or higher can run multiple apps at once and even freely resize app Windows. However, users noted that running while you could run multiple apps in the foreground technically, any app which was not currently in focus would be frozen in the background. This means that while you could have a Google Play Music, Slack or Twitter open in the background, you'll never actually see whats really happening on the apps, seeing only a frozen screenshot until you switch back.

With Chrome OS 64, users will be able to run apps in parallel, meaning that more than one app can be active in the foreground at once. Even if a user was to have slack open in a visible window while actively using Chrome, said user would still be able to view active slack updates without having to switch to that app.

This brings Chrome OS more up to par with the expectations users have when running a traditional desktop PC. While users of Android devices may not necessarily expect to run Android apps simultaneously, even with the introduction of split-screen support in Android Nougat.

While Chrome OS is still not as advanced an operating system as Windows, MacOS, and Linux, Google believes that it does enough for the average user. With ChromeOS 64, that just might be truer.

via ChromeUnboxed