SuperSU, a vastly popular superuser management tool, is considered a staple in modern Android rooting and is one of Chainfire's many tools that shaped the landscape of the Android enthusiast community. The utility, launched 5-and-a-half years ago, pioneered the caveat-free, flash-and-go root module and retains popularity to this day; in fact, in his statement (which you can find posted here), it has hit 100 million users on Google Play, which is a rather staggering figure to comprehend. SuperSU was sold to Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC (or CCMT) 2 years ago, and while Chainfire's contract with the company runs until February, he will only continue to serve in an advisory role.

Chainfire has reassured users that this is definitely not the end of his career in the Android enthusiast world or the developer community in general. In his statement, he hinted at a number of "interesting projects" and "new ventures" that he previously turned down but is now free to explore. He cited the project (which we talk more about in our root guide here, as an example of a venture with a new programming language that he has had a chance to explore recently.

He also reassured enthusiasts that SuperSU will stay on the right track in the future; stating that the two-year transition period with full code reviews has proven that they "have their hearts in the right place". Additionally, we have received confirmation that unofficial SuperSU APKs, ZIPs and other installation packages will remain free to redistribute in unmodified form for the foreseeable future, which is definitely cause for a sigh of relief for many-an-Android enthusiast.

Chainfire's new project is going strong

We are definitely excited to see what Chainfire does next, and we wish him well in his future ventures. What do you guys think? Do you have dear, nostalgic memories of SuperSU as it was in its infancy? Are you excited to see the future of an independent SuperSU, and Chainfire's next venture? Drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts or post over in the forums.