CCStatus is a new tweak from developer harrywantstodev. When you toggle a setting in the Control Center, there is a little text indicator that fades into view. It lets you know which way you've toggled the setting. This tweak lets you customize these to your heart's content.

This is obviously useful from a UX perspective. After we tap on the screen to turn something on or off, we need to see that it indeed happened.

After installing it and heading into the Preference pane in your Settings app, you'll see some headings with familiar icons for Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, etc. Underneath these are options for setting what you want it to say when each toggle is enabled or disabled.

CCStatus is an example of all the 'little things' that matter about jailbreaking

This is a great example of a developer who sees the importance of getting the little things right. You only see these little 'messages' for seconds at a time, and not very often. It takes a true designers eye to see things like that, and want to change it.

Here's a neat thing to do; when Do Not Disturb is toggled on, set an emoji for crescent moon, and when it is off set it as a full moon. This is a tip of the hat to the tweak DayNightSwitch, which replaces your DND toggle in the Settings app with a moon and sun.


CCStatus is easily one of the coolest little tweaks released in a while, he gets points for originality. I will be keeping this on my main driver most likely, I did notice that when I turn Do Not Disturb off the emoji doesn't show up right away. It seems to have taken a few resprings to show up.