ChromeOS has long since been sold on notebooks, and later hybrid devices like the Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus, but detachable are a new form-factor for the operating system entirely. For the unfamiliar, detachable PCs are distinct from hybrid pcs in that they are built so that the base and the screen can be detached completely as opposed to simply folding out of the way.

XDA has found two commits referencing the "base detection" functionality of a Cannon Lake powered device known as meowth at the moment. The first commit "adds a common framework for detecting a detachable base", while the second is to "verify that we can detect a base attach and detach Not much is known about the PC codenamed meowth, other than the platform and it is likely a detachable.

ChromeOS isn't the only operating system which traffics in detachable PCs at the moment Microsoft does the same with Windows 10 and the Surface line. With Google adopting the Google Play Store for ChromeOS powered devices, it makes sense that the firm will go out of its way to add more tablet-like form-factors to the machine. However, much like Microsoft and windows, ChromeOS is still too desktop focused at this point, with no proper homepage or start screen. ChromeOS also lacks some of the flexibility that Android tablets offer, an odd case of where Android is more PC like than Google's actual PC operating system.

Before Google can think of bringing detachables mainstream, it'll have to make a few changes to its operating system, lest they risk rejection from an unimpressed public.

Via XDA Developers