Net Neutrality is all the rage these days. If you aren't sure what that means, it's the principle of treating all internet traffic equally regardless of where it's coming from or going to. Without Net Neutrality protections, ISPs can provide "fast lanes" so that companies can pay them to have their website served faster, and ISPs can also slow down or block services they don't like. Without it, there's no telling what will happen. The Federal Communications Commision of the United States is seeking to roll the existing protections back, which can be harmful to consumers like us.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, recently spoke out about the issue. In Toronto on Wednesday, Trudeau was asked what he thought of the FCC's plan to roll back Net Neutrality protections.

When asked by Motherboard, he responded: "I am very concerned about the attacks on net neutrality, net neutrality is something that is essential for small businesses, for consumers, and it is essential to keep the freedom associated with the internet alive."

Trudeau also said, "We need to continue to defend net neutrality, and I will." So it seems, if you're in Canada, you're safe for now. The changes enacted in the US could have far-reaching impacts in other countries as well, as it is a fundamental change to how the internet runs. Unlike the FCC, Canada's equivalent, the CRTC has been moving in a direction of strengthening net neutrality policies. Trudeau acknowledged that the issues do not only affect the US but other places as well, saying "We are just absorbing the position the president has taken and looking at the impact it's going to have in the United States and in Canada."

Unfortunately, Trudeau would not comment on whether he would talk about this directly with US President Donald Trump, who seems to disagree with Net Neutrality protections.

The FCC is expected to take a vote on the repeal of Net Neutrality protections next month, having already announced it's plan for repealing it.

Net Neutrality is a very important issue to the internet community as a whole. We at ModMy support it, and we hope you do too, as it has the potential to have a global impact. All internet access should be treated equally. The internet should not be controlled by the corporations.

via Motherboard