Cake Browser is a new mobile browser for iOS and Android devices that introduces an innovative method to browsing the web: swiping through results. You can manually enter URL's if needed, but the idea of the Cake browser is to use its search functionality (which you swipe through the results of). Once you download the app and launch, it will prompt you to choose either Google or Bing as a search engine (can be changed later in settings). Once you enter a search query, it will automatically pull the top result for you, and allow you to swipe between the top search results — they are preloaded which makes swiping through them a breeze.

You also have the ability to narrow your search results down to specific categories, such as image content, videos, and more. In the app settings, you can also change the sources for different types of content (using Giphy for gifs, for example)

The main features are advertised by the Cake Browser app description:

  • SEARCH & SWIPE Enter a search term and then swipe through your results. No more back-and-forth between a list of result links and web pages—just swipe and go.
  • MORE SEARCH RESULTS, LESS EFFORT Search multiple services at once for the best of the web—videos, images, news, and shopping.
  • YOUR SEARCH, YOUR WAY Customize your search results by selecting and reordering your preferred search services.
  • SLICE UP THE WEB Save your favorite websites in Slices, your own personalized, swipe-able collections.


You can get Cake browser for both iOS and Android.

via AndroidPolice

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