This full photo of the new device, which has been rumoured for some time now, was leaked by reputable leaker and VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass @evleaks. Blass' track record with leaks in the smartphone and gadget world is near impeccable, meaning we can consider this information solid, and treat it as being substantially accurate.

The device itself has previously been referred to as the BlackBerry Krypton, both in other leaks and when going through the rounds of regulator device certification. However, this new information from Blass states that the device will be named the BlackBerry Motion (no research in sight here though). So far, a multitude of sources – most notably comments by François Mahieu, head of TCL's global sales – have indicated that this device will be announced at some point later this month, and will go on sale in time for the Christmas rush.

The rumoured specs point towards the device being a mid-range smartphone, somewhat akin to the Samsung Galaxy A lineup of smartphones. The spec sheet states that the device will be packing:

  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor (or possibly the newer Snapdragon 626).
  • ‎A Full HD 1920X1080 display.
  • ‎4GB of RAM.
  • ‎A 4000mAh Li-On battery
  • ‎A fingerprint scanner embedded within the home button.
  • ‎IP67 water and dust-resistance certification.

As stated earlier, these phones point towards a mid-range smartphone, which seems to be the same direction BlackBerry has been taking over the past few months with the BlackBerry KEYone. TCL may finally be manifesting their own roadmap for the BlackBerry brand. Taking into account the sleek, stylish design and an utterly MASSIVE 4000mAh battery, the BlackBerry Motion seems to be shaping up as a solid midrange option for this holiday season.

But what do you guys think? Will you snap this up when it goes on sale? Let us know what you think in the comments, or post over in the forums.

via @evleaks