Xiaomi has been taking aim at the gaming sector in recent times; they recently announced their first gaming laptop, the stylish Mi Notebook 2 (which our friends at Windows Central wrote about here) and seem to be pushing for a spot in the niche gaming market as hard as they can; and new information is pointing towards a further challenge to the dominance of Taiwanese giant Razer in the gaming market. Xiaomi is allegedly preparing their own competitor to the successful Razer Phone, under their gaming subbrand Black Shark.

Rumours around the gaming phone challenger have been floating around the Weimo rumor sphere for quite some time now, with the consensus being little more than the facts that it's coming, and it's gonna be pretty damn powerful. That was the case until a few days ago when Black Shark Mobile posted this teaser image to their official Weibo page.

While the image doesn't give a lot away, it gives some pretty big hints as to the SoC that will be driving this device; it seems it will be powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Other than that, the only information available is from leaked (and possibly fake, so take this with a grain of salt) Antutu benchmark results, that indicate we will see a Snapdragon 845 alongside a hefty 8GB of RAM, just like that of the Razer Phone. The device's display will allegedly be a 2:1 (or 18:9, if you are pedantic) affair, with a relatively low 2160×1080 pixel resolution that should be good enough for keeping games running nice and snappy without sapping away at the battery life (capacity of which is currently unknown). However, the display size and refresh rate are unknown, and seeing as the Razer Phone's headline feature is the high refresh rate display, this could be the make-or-break feature for this rumored challenger.

The storage capacity of the model in the leaked benchmarks was a mere 32GB, that might struggle to stack up to the Razer Phone's 64GB baseline. However, we're fairly sure other storage variants and microSD support will be available for this device. Finally, the device is meant to ship with the latest version of Android, Oreo, out of the box, meaning we should see Project Treble result and quick updates as a consequence. While the price of the device is currently unknown, we can expect it to be priced roughly $100-$200 cheaper than the Razer Phone due to the competitive nature of Xiaomi's pricing strategy. If the device packs the rumoured specs and manages to deliver a solid user experience, this could easily be the challenger to knock the Razer Phone off.

Last year's Razer Phone made headlines as the first truly gaming-focused smartphone in recent years and packed solid specs alongside a stunning 120Hz high refresh rate 1440p display. It seems gaming phones are truly back in fashion, and we look forward to seeing how Xiaomi's offering stacks up against the reigning champion.

via XDA