Smartphone camera lenses, while frown upon by photographers with camera gear worth more than my house, are are a great way of extending the capabilities of your smartphone camera, like giving it different effects or just increasing the overall quality. Here are the best lenses money can buy.

SHEROX Lens Kit Case

Although not the cheapest on this list, it's one of the most fully-featured options.

The SHEROX Lens Kit is a popular item on Amazon for a good reason. For $23.95 for the iPhone X version, or $21.95 for the Galaxy S8 version, you get three lens options, including a case which should protect your device without even a hitch. The case is made of aluminium, featuring a rubber material on the inside to protect the device from falls. It comes in four colours, which are: Rose, Gold, Silver and Black. If you're one of the people disappointed by the lack of a rose gold iPhone X, this is your chance.

The lenses include a fisheye lens, a macro lens and a wideangle lens, all of which are specific features with specific purposes. Macro lenses are particularly popular among hobby photographers and wideangle lenses are a hit among regular consumers who want to capture more of the scene. The wideangle lens included in this package is 120 degrees which should cover most use cases. A fisheye lens is also a lot of fun, so that's a great addition.

The lenses attach to the case solidly thanks to the built-in attach mechanism that the case sports meaning that you don't need that awkward clip most lenses have.

MIGOOZI 6-in-1 Dual Camera Lens

If you're looking for a really fancy option for your iPhone X, or you're just really into smartphone photography, the MIGOOZI 6-in-1 kit is most likely the way to go.

The kit sports a whopping 6 different lenses, which not only work with the main rear camera but also the secondary one for close-up shots. While it's value may be questionable, the 6 different lenses should have plenty to choose from if you desperately want more options.

The lenses, which are permanently fixed to the case the kit comes with, are as follows: a 160 Degree Fisheye Lens, 0.65X Super Wide Angle Lens, 10X/20X Zoom Macro Lens and two telephoto lenses. This is the most powerful option for the iPhone X on this list, but also the most expensive one as it costs a whole $38.99.

This setup combined with a jailbroken iPhone X, running CameraTweak 4 would surely result in insane results.

The case that comes with the product is a polycarbonate shell with rubberised accents. It should protect your device fairly well, however, it's not as effective as the SHEROX iPhone X Lens Kit Case in doing so. It doesn't have any other colour options other than black either.

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CamKix Lens Kit

The CamKix Lens Kit is a particularly interesting option because of the included tripod. A lot of people buy dedicated tripods for their devices, however, this product included that in the box.

The kit also includes a cleaning cloth for your lenses and the lenses themselves are a Telephoto Lens, Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens and a Wide Angle Lens. Together with the tripod, a case is included which will be good for protection and doubles as a mount for the lenses and the tripod, as the lenses are extraordinarily big for a mobile device.

In case you wish to use the kit in landscape mode, there is a special phone holder included, as well, which will make positioning the device much easier.

The kit isn't really on the budget side as it costs $42.99, however, it's still a decent price for what you get.

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Aesthete Lifestyle Universal

If you're an owner of multiple phones and intend to use the lenses on more than one device, a more universal option like the Aesthete Lifestyle Universal may be handy.

The lenskit is very simple, yet effective. It included lenses like the 80 degree fisheye lens, a 0.67x wideangle lens and a 15x macro lens, which is a relatively standard setup. The x15 macro lens is especially interesting as it should allow you to easily take very close up shots with lots of detail. The additional carrying bag is a welcome addition.

The main selling point of the kit is it's universal use, which isn't particularly useful if you only plan on using a lens kit on a single device, which makes the $24.99 price tag a tough swallow.

Sony QX30

If you're really serious about smartphone photography, why not replace the camera sensor on your phone altogether? The Sony QX30 is a ridiculous idea, but those ideas are exactly what ModMy stands for.

The "Smartphone Attachable Lens Style Camera" is a very interesting product due to its unique nature. The sensor sports a 30x optical zoom, easy NFC pairing, 1080p 60FPS video recording, and a 18MP 1 / 2.3" sensor, which all sounds like taken straight out of a professional camera, which is technically accurate as the device itself is essentially a camera which uses your smartphone as a screen and storage device.

While the $449.95 price tag is an impossible buy for the vast majority of people, the smartphone photography enthusiasts should consider this option anyway, due to the sheer passion for smartphone photography. The real question is, is this cheating? Is this still considered "smartphone" photography? That's an answer we'll leave up to you.

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