Tech moves fast. Android is no exception. New devices, tweaks, and apps come and go faster than most of us can reasonably keep track of them (unless you're a robot or a tech journalist that has no life). That's why every week we bring you the best Android apps that have made their way to the Play Store recently. Be it a game, a new customisation utility or a revolutionary way to look at cat pictures, you can rest assured that we've got it covered.

1: Detour

Love travelling? Detour might just be your new favorite app. Detour provides a series of immersive, audio-guided walks that take you around both the famous sights and hidden gems of some of the world's most beautiful and most popular cities. Whether you have a day to kill in New York or are ready to get immersed in the Marrakesh atmosphere, Detour has got your back. It's GPS-aware too, meaning you can focus more on the world around you and less on obsessively checking Google Maps to make sure you're going the right way. And best of all, you'll never need to pay for a tour again!

2: Material Notification Shade

Want to give your notifications a makeover? Material Notification Shade replaces your standard notification shade with a stock-style one, with a range of different features and potential for customisation. This includes choosing between an Android Nougat and Android Oreo theme, changing the accent and colors of the notification shade or themeing individual notifications and notification blocks; so you can have each app's notifications take on that app's color and accents. While some of the functionality is limited by whether or not your device is rooted, and there is an IAP barrier, it's a solid option if you want to change up your Android experience a little bit.

3: digiLux

digiLux is an interesting one. It allows you to use gesture controls via your device's fingerprint sensor to change your screen's brightness, and more.Set gestures to actions, allow for wallpaper colour adaption; the possibilities are endless. You can read our full coverage of the app here

4: Smartphone upgrader 2017

Want the 2017 smartphone experience? Don't have cash in hand to dish out for a new phone? Don't worry, this app has got you covered. You can now get the full 2017 smartphone experience...or at least, the parts of it that everyone won't stop talking about anyway. You can now have a giant ugly notch that protrudes into your display on your older smartphone, so you don't have to dish out over $700 to have your screen obscured and your media consumption experience ruined. Get this for your iPhone X-loving friend who is also broke, or just get it for yourself so you seem like even more of a tool than you do when you're lambasting the iPhone X and talking about how Android is a gift from the gods.


What do you guys think? Was there a new or updated app this week that we missed? Will you use any of these apps? Let us know in the comments, or post over in the forums with your thoughts.

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