Tech moves fast. Android is no exception. New devices, tweaks, and apps come and go faster than most of us can reasonably keep track of them (unless you're a robot or a tech journalist that has no life). That's why every week we bring you the best Android apps that have made their way to the Play Store recently. Be it a game, a new customisation utility or a revolutionary way to look at cat pictures, you can rest assured that we've got it covered.

1: Granular Immersive Mode

Immersive Mode is one of those weird, fragmented and inconsistent Android features that just end up confusing you. The intention behind it is simple; many new smartphones have moved to software navigation buttons, especially with the shrinking bezel trend of 2017, and to prevent them from getting in the way of immersive content like video consumption or games, the Immersive Mode API allows apps to minimise the software navigation buttons and let users experience the content in front of them.

If only it was that simple. It's deeply fragmented across different Android apps; some use it, many don't, meaning it ends up being an inconsistent mess. Which is why this app exists. Granular Immersive Mode allows you to enable or disable Immersive Mode on a per-app basis, making your experience more consistent and generally more pleasant.

2: Mi Drop

So Xiaomi dropped a file manager.

And it's actually really good.

As you'd expect from a file manager, it works on just about any Android device under the sun no matter the manufacturer (unless you're using Android Gingerbread or something). It's very much what it says on the tin; a file manager. But it looks good. Xiaomi deserves major design points for this app, as it truly looks the part it's trying to play here. It's swift and enjoyable to use and has the great added benefit of fast inter-device file transfers without the need for a data connection. They claim it is 200x faster than Bluetooth file transfers; whether or not that is true, we haven't tested yet. Either way, it's a solid file manager app that shouldn't be glanced over without getting a fair trial.

3: PUfnPOW Food

If you've ever been in a relationship, or on a family outing, you know the dreaded question:

"What do you want to eat?"

Well, indecisive or diplomatic eaters need to worry no more, for PUFnPOW Food has got you covered. Through a mixture of meal selection options and some questions, its algorithm will punch out some recommendations for what you should eat. It's 2017, so it's about time you got used to robots governing your lifestyle choices.

4: LOOrank

No, we're not kidding. LOOrank is the TripAdvisor of toilets, because it's 2017 and you don't deserve to have to go to a shit toilet (mind the pun) when there's a better option available to you right around the corner. The internet really is a great thing, isn't it?

There's a whole community of reviewers who rank and rate toilets all over the world, to help make sure you never have to go to a poor-standard bathroom ever again. And if no one's reviewed your area, get to work. People really do give a crap about taking a crap.

What do you guys think? Any app this week that we missed or deserves a place next week? Be sure to tell us over in the comments, or post your thoughts over in our forums.

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