With stock iOS, notifications are displayed and sorted chronologically, rather than being sorted by the app that created them. This is where tweaks such as Atmos, and its counterpart PriorityHub come in, sorting notifications on an app basis, making notifications less cluttered and easier to go through.

Antique_Dev, the developer behind such tweaks as InfiniOS, Haptic10, and many others has released yet another tweak known as Atmos. Atmos is an alternative to Priority Hub for iOS 10 devices. Essentially, for those of you who do not know what this is, Atmos and its counterpart, PriorityHub, group notifications based on the app, rather than just one long list based on the order in which they came.

It allows for a more clean and streamlined Notification Center experience. In addition to the fact that it groups based on the app, it also modifies the icon selection colour based on the app icon.

Atmos works on either the lock screen or Notification Centre. It is also compatible with tweaks such as Unify, ColorBanners, ColorBadges, Modern, CleanNotifications, Noctis, and Ventana (according to the tweak page). Additional options also include app icon resizing, privacy options, and top or bottom icon positioning.

Atmos is available for $1.50 on the BigBoss repository.