When Microsoft came out earlier this year and announced that they would be discontinuing Microsoft Paint, the internet was overcome with the nostalgia of all the time they had spent on Paint doodling for fun. It was a sad day for the kid in all of us, but Microsoft released another statement not too long after, clarifying that Paint would still be available for download from the Windows app store, it just won't be updated anymore.

Microsoft Paint was first released alongside the first version of Windows in 1985, since then it has been bundled along with all releases of Windows until now. It has long been an app that you just expect to come with your copy of Windows. It's reliable and provides a simple user interface which is mostly used by kids or to kill some time.

For some, Microsoft Paint has become more than just a way to waste time. Instead of opening it up to doodle, some individuals are using the app for its intended purpose of painting and creating great artwork.

One such artist is James Murray, he told McGlynn of Motherboard,

I was just drawing pictures for my immediate friends to kill time. I found asking for requests was just another way of switching off and relaxing and just doing something creative without having to chip away at the same part of the brain engaged with doing professional design work.

Murray is an Adobe suite user for his day-job, but he was intrigued by Paint because of its simplicity. The idea of just opening the app and drawing without having to ponder intricate options for lines and colors was refreshing and made painting a hobby for Murray again. Eventually, he began to create images that were more impressive instead of just using Paint for the comedic nature he was originally. The image above is one of his works.

Would you sit down with Microsoft Paint and let your inner-artist takeover?

via Motherboard