iOS 11.3 is a minor release for the platform, and as such builds on features, the firm already has implemented.

With iOS 11.3, Apple is improving support for augmented reality, introducing ARKit 1.5 The firm claims that it'll now recognise and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces in addition to the horizontal surfaces it already does, and will recognise and map irregularly shaped surfaces and 2D images.

Apple will also improve Animoji support in Messages app for the iPhone X as part of this point update, and will, now be integrating health records into the Apple Health app.

Apple is also testing Messages in the cloud, an iOS 11 feature which it announced last year but did not debut with the general roll-out of iOS 11. The feature would have allowed users to sync their messages to Apple's iCloud servers, allowing them to remain in sync across all their Apple devices.
iOS 11.3 also continues Apple's efforts to mitigate the iPhone battery issues reported in the news. Now, iPhone users will know exactly how bad their batteries are, and whether they are in need of replacement or not. Users will also see if the power management feature that dynamically throttles phone speed is activated, or not, and will be able to choose to shut it off as part of this update.

iOS 11.3 is available for developers right now, with a public beta arriving in the coming weeks. It will roll out to general users later this spring.

via Apple Newsroom

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