If you like streaming television shows and movies online, you've presumably heard of Kodi, the free open-source media software. Similar to Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO in that it delivers content to various internet connected devices, Kodi is available on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

Where Kodi differs from the previously mentioned streaming services, is installing the open source software has always been an "at your own risk" situation. There isn't any official support, so if anything goes wrong with your device or the software, you'll be on your own.

For users running Kodi on the Apple TV 2, it has been reported the set-top box is vulnerable to malware and other spam. Luckily, TvAddons, a site for DIY enthusiasts running Kodi, Android TV, and other platforms, has warned Apple TV 2 owners about the risk entailed and how to fix it.

When an Apple TV 2 is jailbroken, it will have the OpenSSH protocol installed with the default password "alpine." If this is never changed, and many users are unaware of the option to do so, the device will be subject to all types of attacks along with the network it's connected to.

TvAddons has provided instruction on how users can protect their device. The nitoInstaller app that jailbreaks Apple TV's can also change the default password. Open the program, select "Advanced" from the toolbar and click "Change SSH Password." There aren't any reports of anyone having been affected by this exploit, but in theory, an unsecured Apple TV could result in spam, DDOS attacks, malware and pornography distribution.

It's worth noting that an Apple TV 2 isn't the best medium to run Kodi anymore. The last update for the software on that platform was more than two years ago, which poses security risks and performance issues. Kodi is available on newer Apple TV's, but its recommended that you install it on an Amazon Fire TV or an Nvidia Shield.

What do you guys think? Is running Kodi on an Apple TV worth it, or is another set-top box the better option? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

via Tom's Guide