Android Wear has been rumoured to be dead for a long while, and while it may not be entirely untrue, Google keeps pushing out updates to the platform.

The latest update is Android Wear 2.6 which brings a handful of new features which should polish the experience further.

The official changelog includes:

  • Text size of notifications adapts to message length, adding an extra line of text on most notifications

  • Swipe down in Quick Settings to easily see your connection (WiFi, Bluetooth, or mobile)

  • Check on download progress with new progress indicator notifications

  • Launch your last-used app right from your watch face with the Recent App complication

  • Better prevention of accidental side-swipe and long-press gestures

Many of these changes have been requested for a very long time and now they're finally here. As reported by XDA Developers, the most requested feature has been the download progress indicator. Users weren't able to tell how much the app has been downloaded, but now, you'll see a blue circle around the download icon which indicates the progress:

Another new big feature is the network indicator. When an Android device is connecting to a network and downloading or uploading data, there are two visible arrows next to the network indicator in the status bar which shows you which way the data goes. This is now available for Android Wear devices:

Other features include better management of space for notifications and a new compilation which will take you right to the last used application on your watch. In order to enable the compilation, select it from your watch faces preferences, if it supports additional information.

The update is available for all Android Wear 2.0 devices and should be available right now. If you're still running an older version, go to settings and look for updates.