Google's Android Studio has been the primary means of building Android applications for the last couple of years. The first stable release was available in 2014, and version 2.0 appearing two years later in 2016. Google announced the third major update to Android Studio at Google I/O 2017, and this latest version packs a ton of new features and tools to make Android development easier and more efficient.

Perhaps the most notable update in the 3.0 release is support for Kotlin, a newly-supported programming language for the Android OS. The appeal of this new feature is it is designed to interoperate with existing Java code, meaning developers can port their apps over to Kotlin in parts instead of having to completely rewrite or edit. With this new addition to Android Studio, features such as code completion and syntax highlighting will work just as they do with Java.

The 3.0 update also includes support for Instant Apps, and will ship with the "Instant Apps Development SDK" to aid developers when they get started building modular versions of their existing application. In addition, the Android Gradle Plugin has received a major update in order to speed up app build times and scalability, which promises to significantly boost performance when working on large, multi-module projects.

The ability for developers to test their apps across a wide range of virtual devices using the built-in Emulator in Android Studio has be one of the programs most useful tools, and with 3.0, Google Play Services have been bundled with emulator system images, allowing developers to test applications on a virtual device just as they would on a physical device with Play services included.

Additional features coming to Android Studio 3.0 include performance measurement tools, APK debugging improvements and enhancements to "Layout Inspector" just to name a few. You can view the Android Developers Blog for detailed documentation of all changes by clicking here.

Let us know in the comment section below if these enhancements are beneficial, and if you'll be downloading Android Studio 3.0.

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