Google's Android P will soon let users use their phones as either a Bluetooth or a mouse.

While Android phones have been able to connect to Bluetooth peripherals for a while now, being used the opposite way has not been possible, till now.

A commit in the Android codebase discovered this week reveals the addition of a patch which enables Bluetooth HID device profile service, this is what lets devices register themselves as peripherals when "asked." There are other types of Bluetooth profiles users are more familiar with which let users stream music to speakers among others.

The APIs to take advantage of this have also been exposed, and devices running Android P - whatever it is called - will be able to use this feature.

Android P has yet to be revealed officially by Google, but quite a few features from it have made their way into the news. A Bloomberg report earlier this year revealed that Android P would work to redesign Android so as to incorporate the notch for OEMs who intended to copy Apple's full-screen compromise. Devices like the Asus Zenfone 5 and LG's G7 flagship among others feature notches on the front display to get as close to a full-screen display as possible, without necessarily sacrificing space to a bezel.

Google building in official support into Android would ensure that the software properly accounts for the presence of the notch universally, rather than having each OEM build their own adaptation in a wild west sort of way.

The same report revealed that Google was also working on improving the default look of Android, to bring more polish to the operating system so as to attract more users from iOS, with Material Design 2 having been revealed a few months ago, its likely this will form part of Google's plans for Android's future.

Google will share more on P Google I/O in May, in the meantime, the first preview of P is expected to debut in a week's time.

Via XDA Developers