We all know that the Android navigation bar looks like, it has been the same since Android began, whether it be hardware buttons or software buttons, there was always a home button in the middle, a back button on one side and either a recent apps or options button on the other side. This navigation bar is one of the core fundamentals of Android and something that all users are familiar with.

This might be changing soon though, a screenshot that showed up on a Google blog post seemed to be from a newer version of the Android P beta and it had a different navigation bar. You can see the 'new' navigation bar below and compare it to the current navigation bar right below it.

Possible Android P DP2 Navigation Bar:

Android P DP1 Navigation Bar:

It seems as if the home button has been replaced with a pill-shaped button similar to what is found on the iPhone X. It isn't clear whether the new home button will still be a button or a swipe gesture like on the iPhone X. The recent apps button seems to also be gone and the back button seems to look a bit different. According to Stephen Hall from 9to5, the back button is only shown contextually and will go away when it is not needed. It is also possible that the back button won't make it to the final release and is only there for the beta.

There isn't much known outside of the screenshot which was found in the blog post, there has been speculation that Google would switch to a gesture-based navigation but there wasn't any good evidence to really believe that until now.

Let us know in the comments what you think, do you like the idea of a gesture-based navigation system or do you hope they just keep it the way it is?

via XDA