Under the banner of Google's rebrand of security products and services (now known as Google Play Protect), Android Oreo is introducing a slew of new security-related features and functions. One of these, which caught the eye of a number of enthusiasts, is a change Google is referring to as Rollback protection.

The purpose of the change, which should cause no grief or inconvenience for the average user, is to prevent the abuse of security exploits that have already in patched in previous updates. As security patches are not installed on top the existing operating system, it is likely that previous version of Android from yesteryear do not have all the necessary security vulnerabilities patched. This could potentially mean that downgrading to an older version of Android could be opening your device up to the threat of malware, as older security vulnerabilities are once again present.

Rollback protection is now part of the verified boot process- meaning that if the device detects a downgraded operating system, it will refuse to boot. Luckily for us enthusiasts, Google is aware of our plight and has allowed users to disable it in the developer settings of Android Oreo- albeit with an included list of warning messages, to alert the user of all potential risks involved by disabling this protection.

What do you think of this change? Should Google not worry about downgrades because of the small population of users that downgrade their devices, or do you think this is a serious security concern? Either way, be sure to leave a comment or post on the forums to tell us more about your thoughts on this issue.