The Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 phones don't have top-notch cameras, but they take crisp sharp pictures if there is sufficient lighting. Some users have noticed that these particular devices struggle in low-light situations, and Nokia has decided to tackle the issue with a software update to improve the quality. Nokia has released an Android Oreo beta update for both the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6. The beta includes a revamped camera app, with massive improvements for low-light picture taking.

NokiaPowerUser has created some great image comparisons, both before and after using the camera in low-light. Take a look and notice the details:

Nokia 5 Image Sample

The first set of images were taken with the Nokia 5. Left image is before the update, right image after updating to the beta. You immediately notice that the right image has a lot more detail and less blur. Certainly makes late night pictures higher quality.

Nokia 6 Image Sample

The second image set shown was taken with the Nokia 6. Left image before the update, right image was taken after the update. You can notice here that the update totally changes how the images look for the Nokia 6. The "after" photo has dramatically less blurring (virtually none) and way more details are let through.

The difference in quality is marginal at best with the flash option enabled. However, with flash disabled, it's a substantial improvement when taking pictures with very little lighting. On top of this, the cameras adjust focus at a much more rapid speed, including in the low-light environments, which probably accounts for the significant decrease in blurriness.

NokiaPowerUser also has a video showing off the new camera app, which you can check out here:

What do you think, pretty impressive difference? If you have a Nokia 5 or Nokia 6, definitely go visit the beta labs to check it out!

via XDA