An beta version of Android Oreo has leaked for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The device, which serves as Samsung's ultra-premium flagship smartphone, was released not too long ago in September, but still shipped with the older Android 7.1 Nougat, with Samsung's TouchWiz skin layered atop the standard Android UX. Now, however, nearly a month after the announcement of the Android Oreo beta program for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, a beta for Android Oreo on the Samsung Galaxy S8 has leaked for the world to see.

The build was found by Reddit user mweinbach hidden within Samsung's servers, yet still accessible enough to be retrieved by users. The build is only compatible with the Snapdragon SoC-based variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 — so if you're outside of the US and using an Exynos based model, sorry but you're out of luck for now.

mweinbach also remarked that in order to install this build, Snapdragon Note 8 users have to be running at least Nougat-based firmware version 2BQK2 on their Galaxy Note 8. Additionally, only the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Note 8 in the US is currently fully compatible with this beta build, but if you're committed enough there is a workaround available — with a bit of elbow grease, you can manually install the update on any US unlocked Snapdragon-based Galaxy Note 8 units, with the help of ODIN. Do note that this is an unofficial and unreleased beta build, so instability, bugs and a lack of full component compatibility and function is almost certain, so be sure to proceed with caution.

Grab the unofficial Android Oreo beta for the Galaxy Note 8

What do you guys think? Will you give this beta build a shot, or wait until Samsung officially launch the Android Oreo beta for the Galaxy Note 8? Let us know in the comments, or tell us your thoughts over on our forums.

via XDA