Tech companies have been scrambling to patch a Wi-Fi security vulnerability known as KRACK, a weakness that puts any person connecting to the Internet via WI-FI at risk of being hacked.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft are among the many technology companies that have acknowledged problems with the WPA2 encryption utilized on all modern wi-fi routers.

Cybersecurity expert Mathy Vanhoef revealed the exploit this past Monday. Since then, companies have been working on releasing software updates to close this loophole.

Google announced the fix for KRACK would be released as part of a security update next month, but if you're not using a Pixel or Nexus device, it could be several weeks before a download is available via your OEM. If your phone is running Marshmallow or earlier, then the risk is even higher. It's estimated that 41% of active Android devices are susceptible to KRACK including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, IoT devices and set-top boxes.

The Android community has been a big proponent of security for quite some time now. Some OEM's have committed themselves to frequent security updates, which can be a vital selling point for some users. Others prefer to install custom ROMs on their device which can provide faster security patches than updates from manufacturers.

If you use Android and would rather resolve this latest security issue yourself, LineageOS has already patched the KRACK vulnerabilities.

For those of you who are unaware, LineageOS is the spiritual successor to CyanogenMod, a very popular custom ROM for the Android operating system that emphasized community development, openness, and an overall better stock Android experience. LineageOS aims to pick up where CyanogenMod left off, but with an increased focus on becoming a grassroots community-focused development effort.

According to their official Twitter account, all certified LineageOS 14.1 builds will be immune to the KRACK exploit.

Do you plan on installing LineageOS on your device or waiting on a patch from your OEM and Google? Let us know in the comment section.

via AP