The Android platform has always been known as the one that is highly customizable compared to the other platforms. This is the reason that there are apps that have only one purpose which is to allow the user to theme the phone to their personal liking, one such app is Substratum.

There are also apps which are used to customize individual things such as your launcher, icons, widgets and more. Zooper widget was one of these apps. It allowed for users to create custom widgets, wallpapers, animations and more. It was a very popular app within the customizing category having amassed over 1 million downloads, and many people still use it to customize their devices.

Unfortunately, the development of this app has been nonexistent for quite a bit of time as the developer, Richard Blaney, stated that Zooper was no longer owned or developed by him. Zooper hadn't received any updates since June 2014. Blaney recommended that users switch to alternative apps that served the same purpose, such as Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) and KWGT.

Zooper has now been taken down from the Play Store now, but the reasoning behind it is not clear. It is possible that the developer behind the app just finally decided to remove it, but as we have not heard anything from the developer it is possible there are other reasons as to why it is gone. One possible reason being it was violating a Google Play policy, and since that app is no longer in development, there was no one to address the violation.

Regardless of the reason, now that Zooper is officially dead, as it is gone from the Play Store, now is a good time for users to switch to alternatives as mentioned before, as they are still under active development and new issues would still be taken care of. Applications such as KLWP have more features and have a great community built around them that is passionate towards theming through the app. There is an XDA Android Themes Forum where you might be able to find some inspiration for a new theme, or it might be a great source for questions on a move to a new theming platform.

Are you a Zooper user? If so will you be switching to a new platform?

via Android Central

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