Android Auto is Google's solution for drivers to stay connected while on the road. It comes with a ton of features, like the Google Assistant, so that drivers can tell their device to call, text or email someone by using their voice. It also features everything a car needs, from Google Maps and Waze to Spotify, Whatsapp, Telegram and pretty much everything Android has to offer.

A new feature was recently announced through the Android Auto User Community, offering the ability to browse your full contact list in your car, a feature that was somehow missing in previous versions of the device. In the past, users would use the Google Assistant by saying "OK Google, call Dennis" or by selecting from a list of recently placed or missed calls. Users can also just dial the full number onto the screen, if that's a thing the kids are still doing.

To access the contact list, go on the phone tab, then tap the hamburger menu on the top-left of the screen and select "Contacts." Note that if your car is running, Android Auto will restrict you after only a few taps, as to avoid accidents on the road. Of course, if your car is stopped, you have unrestricted access to the feature.

Some users have pointed out that this feature—although restricted while on the road—can still be dangerous, as it sometimes can only take a few seconds of distractions for accidents to happen. We warn our readers to be very careful out there.

According to the Android Auto Team, the contact list is already available, and you can now give the feature a try from your car connected to Android Auto.

via The Android Auto User Community