The app, which was released a couple of weeks ago, allows for a user to easily to engage Google Assistant from a locked Android smartphone, via a double tap on either AirPod. This is quite the step for Apple's flagship wireless earphones, which traditionally have only worked with Siri on the iPhone.

It is designed to function with a locked screen, and will not consistently function when the screen is unlocked; the reason for this being that Android sends any recorded media button events to the application that is currently open, and the AirpodsForGA app won't be able to capture the event; hence not allowing Assistant to launch and function on demand.

Over the past year since Apple took the first steps in eradicating the 3.5mm headphone jack, the majority of manufacturers (bar Samsung, of course) have followed suit. Regardless of whether you think that was a good move or a bad move, it has facilitated for the rise of the wireless earphone market; after all, the selection and userbase of Lightning and USB-C headphones is minuscule. And the AirPods, while not being the paradigm of audiophilic greatness, are one of the few truly wireless earphones on the market; and the AirPods are definitely the most popular, most functional and best supported of the available selection.

Frankly, we were surprised to see that such a wildly popular flagship Apple accessory like the AirPods had such diverse and thorough inter-device compatibility. It's definitely a far cry from the proprietary, walled-garden nature of Apple's approach to their device ecosystem. Nonetheless, we're happy to see such fantastic compatibility across platforms, and the potential for integration with other ecosystems; something we're not accustomed to seeing these days from any manufacturer. Take notes, everyone.

What do you guys think? Does this tempt you to try the AirPods? Have you tried this feature out? Let us know in the comments, or post in the forums with your thoughts.

via AP

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