Safari Plus is a new tweak released in July of this year, which has already seen plenty of updates. Created by opa334, it's compatible with both iOS 9 and 10. This should make a lot of users happy, with many still on 9.3.3 or even 9.0.2.

At its core, it seeks to add better download and upload functionality. Along with that, Safari Plus also lets you customise the user interface. You're able to change the colour of almost every user interface element.

] The preference pane in the has six sections grouped together

  • General At the top, we have a 'Force HTTPS' toggle. Turning this on will make every site that you visit default to an SSL link. Right below it, there is 'Exemptions'. Tapping on it will bring you to a new page where you can add sites that don't properly support HTTPS.

    Next is 'Open in new Tab', which adds this option to the menu when you long press a link. Normally, iOS makes you choose between opening links in a new active tab or a 'background' tab. With this option, you're able to have both.

    'Upload any File' adds an option to the document upload menu to upload files from the root of the filesystem. Long pressing on a file in this menu enables you to upload multiple files at once.

    The last two options are pretty self-explanatory, you're able to add a global switch to the bottom toolbar that is present when you press the tabs button. This will force all sites to load their desktop versions instead of mobile. Long press suggestions is a very useful feature, it allows you to long press on the suggestions when typing in a search to add it to your search.

  • Download Addons The download feature is arguably the best feature of Safari Plus. There have been many tweaks in the past that have enabled this functionality. Enabling 'Enhanced Downloads' will add a button to the bottom toolbar of Safari. Tapping this new button will open a view with pending and completed downloads.

When you go to download something, an alert will appear that gives options for where to download. If you close Safari while downloads are still happening, they will continue in the background. When each one finishes, you will get a notification. Be careful not to kill Safari in the App Switcher, all background download activities will be cancelled.

Safari Plus can only download three items simultaneously, any more items will go into a queue and be processed in the order they were received.

  • Action Addons In this section, you're able to configure actions based on the conditions when Safari is opened. In other words, you're able to set the default browsing mode when Safari is, started, resumed, or opened via an external link. You also have the option to auto-close tabs when Safari is closed or minimized, for either private, normal, active or both browsing modes. Last in this section is a toggle for auto-deleting browser data upon close or minimize.

That last one can be very useful in... certain situations...

  • Gesture Addons Here you have some options for adding gesture actions to Safari. Along with adding functionality, the gestures allow you to remap other features to a quicker method. An example is the 'Find on Page' feature. Instead of typing your query into the URL field, and waiting for the option to show up at the bottom: you're able to choose a gesture.

The options are swipe down, and swipe left and right on the URL bar.

  • Other Addons In this section, we have some options that couldn't find a home anywhere else. Fullscreen Scrolling will hide the tiny little URL bar that is still there when scrolling. Fully disable private browsing speaks for itself. If you never use it, why not turn it off completely?

  • Color Settings Here's where the fun happens. This section is split into two parts, one for normal browsing and one for private. Apple already tints private browsing tabs dark to help differentiate. Here, users have the option to create their own different colour set ups.

With nearly every user interface element available to customise, you're really able to customise it to your liking.