Replacing the obnoxious 'Press Home to Unlock' text and elegantly fading in after about four seconds, it has a very stock feeling. Sometimes it's not what a tweak is doing, but the way it accomplishes it that makes it special.

While it isn't a very complicated tweak at first glance, there are quite a few options when you look under the hood. After installation, when you head over into the preferences, you'll see a lot of different things to configure. You, of course, have the ability to enable or disable it, set the name and date of the event, and configure the format of the sentence.

Additionally, you can change the wording used to show when the event has passed. There are options to show whether it has started, passed, or finished. This can be neat for tracking how long you've been at a conference like WWDC. With plenty of options, you're really able to personalize it to your liking.

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