ModMyiPhone was founded in June of 2007, not in 2008, contrary to popular belief. Owned by the newly created company called ModMyLLC, it evolved to be the biggest Cydia repository and the biggest iOS jailbreaking community in the world. It rebranded to ModMyiFone (for some reason) then to simply ModMyi shortly after in 2008.

The company was founded by Cody Overcash and Kyle Matthews, with Tyler Matthews managing a big part of the repository, and had many more aspects of it that most people today, unfortunately, don't remember. was a thing until September of 2016, while platforms like ModMyAuto, ModMedical, ModMyFiles and others were killed off earlier on. The growth of ModMyi was the biggest back in 2012 when jailbreaking really took off in the mainstream pop culture, however, since Apple started coming up with methods to prevent jailbreaking, the jailbreak scene, together with ModMyi, faded.

This doesn't mean it's the end of jailbreaking or ModMyi. ModMyi was slowly fading to obscurity from years 2013 to 2016 until Mobile Nations Networks acquired the website in September of 2016, and gave it a new life by May of 2017. It's the birth of the new ModMyi – continuing the work of Kyle Matthews and the rest of the ModMyLLC team, where Dennis Bednarz was positioned as the new director of ModMyi.

As ModMyi is no longer all about Apple and is company independent, the "i" in ModMyi makes no sense anymore, therefore it has been rebranded to ModMy where the name suggests the general modification of consumer electronics, not just iDevices from Apple.

The new direction is a huge step for ModMy, and will surely help us all, from different minor communities rise from the ashes as one big super giant – showing the world that enthusiasts, hackers, modders, developers and geeks still are relevant and we want attention! A lot of communities, once huge and mighty, have fallen to be just a shadow of its once self. Focusing on one enthusiast area won't get anyone anywhere. A lot of jailbreak dedicated websites have turned towards Apple in general, which is totally understandable, but we wanted to create something unique which will unite us all as one.

This is where the idea of consumer electronics modification comes from. It's a different approach for evolution of an iOS jailbreak community, and we believe it's the right one.

ModMy is about freedom of choice, freedom of repair, freedom of modification and freedom of customisation. These are your devices. You should be allowed to do what you want with them. You paid for them. We stand for freedom. We show you the way to unlock the true power of those devices, and to utilise the power for good, which means we do not stand for piracy.

Piracy is often associated a lot with software hacking. It's true that a lot of people jailbreak their iPhones for piracy and CFW their PlayStations for the same reason. But we do not support that. Modification and hacking are about so much more than just piracy, and that's what we want to show the world.