7zip archives are everywhere; as can be expected to see as 7zip is one of the world's most popular file archiving and archive management tools. However, VitaShell, the shell tool for CFW'd PS Vitas, does not support 7zip archives for whatever reason (they formerly did, but dropped support for them in August 2016). And now, thanks to a minor fork from developer and Wololo contributor Aurora, you can once again start furiously unzipping your archives with your hand-held console.

The fork, which goes by the name 7zShell, does not deviate significantly from the original VitaShell; take a look at the changelog:

  • It's based on a stock, unmodified version of VitaShell 0.7 (which did support 7z extraction)
  • The name was changed to '7zShell' from 'VitaShell' to prevent confusion caused by the appearance of 2 'VitaShell' bubbles.
  • The installation directory (in ux0:/app) has been changed to '7ZVTSHELL' from 'VITASHELL' to avoid installation conflicts.
  • The LiveArea screen has been updated to reflect the name change.

As is apparent, this is not a momentous tweak; it's merely a minor fork that adds an additional function that some users may find useful or time-saving. However, for those who download and install VPK files on their PS Vita frequently, this may end up being a very useful minor fork. Either way, only time shall tell.

Additionally, it's worth noting that this tweak comes with no developer support altogether, due to the nature of it being only a slightly modified version of an outdated piece of software, and developer/development time is perhaps better focused on the development of the latest version of an application. Either way, this might be worth grabbing for those amongst our readers who are 7zip enthusiasts.

Grab the download from here.

via Wololo